Beware your Thoughts-They’re Illegal Somewhere!
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Beware your Thoughts-They’re Illegal Somewhere!

You know what you’re supposed to be thinking. And saying. The mass information environment in which we live lets us know every day what opinions and actions are kosher. Everything in government sponsored education and mainstream media has let us know exactly what is expected of us. We are to revere Global Warming dogma, or be dismissed as a “denier” who “rejects science,” if not evolution. We are to respect homosexual “unions,” and regard “gay” marriage with all the deference due a traditional family. We are expected to shame and ridicule anyone who dares to waver on any of these very basic tenets. We’ve been urged to “get in their face,” even at the Thanksgiving table.

Thought control is impossible, you might say. It sounds like another of these bizarre science fiction plots where the human brain is controlled by some computer app, deleting or blocking inappropriate content and only allowing approved, politically correct thought and communication. Sounds ridiculous, implausible, and something that could only happen in a novel. On the other hand, we often find we’re given information designed to produce a particular reaction, or denied information that might produce a reaction the media considers socially unacceptable.

Who can deny that the most pervasive media have an agenda, and that information carried by the flagship media outlets drive every other paper, radio, television and internet outlet? If it’s on the front page of the NY Times, the Washington Post, or L. A. Times you can bet it will lead the radio news-breaks, internet headlines and nightly news discussions. That’s how it works, and the proof is bombarding us all.

Those publications have adopted obvious positions on a host of subjects that should require neutrality. But they’ve taken sides on what the public should know, and often bury or exclude facts that might produce reactions the paper would regard as detrimental in the molding of public opinion. It can be seen in numerous examples, such as Global Warming, the studies and scientists chosen for publication; the “gay” marriage/ “gay rights” coverage; the illegal immigration debate; and, lest we forget the world in which we’re living—the coverage of the 45th President of the United States.

Every day in the mainstream media represents President Trump’s undoing. Between calling the president an “unhinged lunatic” with nuclear weapons, petty, mean, insulting, embarrassing, television panels of seven at a time attempt to one-up one another in their expression of dismay, outrage and anger.

While those who want an all-pervading authority to enforce political correctness at every level, some, particularly in media and government are lately ensnared in the very traps they’ve set for their ideological opponents. The politically correct crowd are finding that the “elite” have been in violation of a great many of the rules they’ve created for the rest of us. The big donors, the most powerful personalities and several of Hollywood’s big moguls and stars are swept up in the righteous whirlwind they helped create! These are the “feminists,” the ones who’ve promoted transgender as normalcy, gay marriage as an “equal right.” They believe fervently in “global warming,” and want repercussions for those who are helping “destroy the planet.” Recent pronouncements by Rome’s pontiff indicate that he just might want to challenge Al Gore for his position as the reigning high priest of the religion of Global Warming.

Mitt Romney paid dearly for his obvious disrespect of the female gender. When he said he had “binders of women” (considered for employment), it said everything you needed to know about his complete and utter lack of respect. (In hindsight, maybe it’s just as well he didn’t win the presidency. If he had, we’d probably never have gotten to go on the thrill ride we’re on!) Bill and Hillary? Now there’s a couple who believe in “feminism!” They champion equal pay for women, excepting entities under their control, of course. Women who make charges of unwanted contact must be believed! Unless of course they’re accusing Bill himself, then there might be extenuating circumstances with a liberal bent.

Perhaps the most effective use of thought control is not media shaming. Maybe it’s when a government employs the clout of a fearsome agency to enforce its point of view. When the IRS (and other agencies) targeted Tea Party groups and made them disappear during the 2012 Presidential election, for instance. It did happen, which has been admitted by the current Department of Justice by paying millions in damages to the aggrieved parties.

IRS Director Lois Lerner, held in contempt of Congress for stating her case and then refusing to answer questions, has demanded that her testimony be sealed “forever” because she “fears for her safety.” That’s a new twist! She’s afraid that some of those polite, friendly and cleanly Tea Party ladies are going to come after her if they should learn of what she said in her defense in sworn testimony? Sure she is. That would be almost as frightening as being harassed by the EPA, OSHA and the IRS all at the same time.

In what has to be the most abusive, un-American administration of all time, the Obama regime didn’t take kindly to resistance of any kind, and we’ll see if the extent of their attempts at behavior control, and ultimately thought control within government and without, is ever brought to light. What about so-called “universal health care”? Either you demand it or “you don’t care about people.” If the price for your participation is more than the mortgage, too bad.

The same can be said about many of the most hotly contested issues on earth. Either you side with pope Francis and want every European city transformed into a haven for “refugees,” or you’re racially biased and beneath contempt. National governments publish explanations as to why Muslim immigration is having virtually no effect on the culture, and is not responsible for an increase in crime.

So called “hate-crimes” do exist on the books of many Western nations, thankfully not in the United States. It’s not a “hate crime” when a cell of “immigrants” blow up part of a shopping district, bomb an airport, mow down concert attendees or drive a truck over pedestrians, all of which happen with sickening regularity. But, say that Muslim immigrants are violent, or anti-Semetic, or lacking in basic hygiene? That might well constitute a crime.

A bombshell has dropped in Europe. It appears to pit warnings from the late pope John Paul II in direct opposition to the pro-Muslim immigration positions of pope Francis, who casts the issue purely one of “empathy toward the poor,” denouncing borders and national sovereignty all the while.

According to perhaps the former pope’s most trusted aide, he warned (some are calling it a prophecy) that an enemy more fearsome than those faced in recent history would threaten the culture of Europe. The quote, widely available on-line, reads as follows:

“Remind this to those whom you will meet in the Church of the third millennium. I see the Church of the third millennium afflicted by a mortal plague, which compared to those of this millennium will be deeper, more painful,” the Polish pope confided, having meant Communism and Nazism as the plagues of his time.

“It is called Islam. They will invade Europe. Europe will be a cellar; old relics, twilight, cobwebs. Old family souvenirs. You, the Church of the third millennium, must contain the invasion. But not with weapons. Weapons will not be enough, but with your faith, lived with integrity.”

The current pope, Francis, is no doubt squirming uncomfortably with this accidental revelation. This is the kind of talk that has been condemned by Francis. It is “Islamophobic” by current standards of the governments of the EU, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, and by factions within the UK. There’s no comment from the Vatican since the bombshell dropped, and European governments are silent as well. But they’ll come up with an explanation. They always do.

Have you noticed? No one on the left, promoting socialist group-think, ever concedes a point even when faced with checkmate? They continue pandering to the uninformed, telling us what the “majority” believe even when said beliefs have been heavily manipulated to produce the desired result. How this plays out in the European sphere in the immediate future is critical. Germany finds itself mired in confusion, with their elected candidate, Angela Merkel, unable to form a government after winning the popular vote. The reason is that the “Green Party” is demanding that the “refugees” be allowed to bring in their extended families from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, and after allowing them to inhabit Germany in the first place, Merkel just can’t bring herself to exacerbate the situation by embracing what would be a disaster for her remaining popularity.

We see the efforts at manipulation and thought control playing out across the media bandwidth, and see that as much as half the population of the United States see what’s going on. And boy, does that ever tick off the talking heads. They’ve lost nearly every scrap of credibility they may have had, and they’re fighting mad. The vitriol is on display daily. Recognition of the thought control exerted on the masses seems largely limited to the United States, so far. All the other nations of Western civilization are lost in a sea of induced reactions, and seem caught in the grip of left-wing conventional wisdom as righteously conveyed by media and politicians alike.

Muslims, “gays,” illegal aliens, they are the “minorities,” the victims of Western prosperity. Every media giant, every CEO of the large social media platforms are heavily indoctrinated and we keep seeing evidence that they have used their power to “manage” what becomes widely accessible, what is allowed and what is rejected and censored. The mainstream world, religious leaders included, just can’t wrap their minds around people who worship God and yet want to preserve something of their heritage for future generations. How very xenophobic! There is a pitched battle for our thoughts and public opinion everywhere in this age of information.

The stakes are highest in Europe, particularly Germany. Bible prophecy indicates that an evil entity will ultimately prevail and enforce beliefs and behaviors upon all mankind. It’s what the “global warming” zealots, the “gay” marriage crowd, and those that demand open-borders and mass amnesty crave above all else: An enforcement mechanism.