The New Normal – “We’re doing all we can…”
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The New Normal – “We’re doing all we can…”


How do the parents of the Manchester victims ever get over the slaughter of their little girls by these deranged zealots who plotted and carried out the atrocity? What about the grandparents, the brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins? They’re expected to just choke it down, come together in unity, and above all never, ever ascribe blame to the Muslim “community” in their midst. It was some time after the blast occurred when the realization dawned that this attack targeted young girls, the “teeny bopper” fans of the young pop star most of us had never heard of.

It was absolutely disgusting to hear the Manchester chief constable and police spokesman come out to plead that authorities were doing “all we can” to help the victims and their families in the face of the tragedy. No, they’re not! They didn’t do what was necessary to prevent the slaughter in the first place, and they have no intention of doing what is necessary to prevent the next one, which surely will occur. (It already has: London Bridge, with seven dead, twenty some wounded) “We now have a team of specially-trained family liaison officers who are supporting families.” Oh, goody. Too bad there weren’t specially-trained officers following the movements and communications of the Muslim terrorists, who, as it turns out should have been easy to identify and remove from the presence of the unarmed population. But Britain has thousands of terrorists living among the population, probably tens of thousands if the truth were known.

Then the politically-correct constable had the audacity to say that it is “vital that our diverse communities in Greater Manchester stand together and do not tolerate hate.” What’s it got to do with hatred? Manchester’s, and every place else’s Muslim “communities” have been spoon-fed anti-westerner, anti-Jewish hatred from earliest childhood. It’s not a mysterious proclivity unique to the so-called “self-radicalized,” it’s a staple of their religion and culture. And now, through the miracle of the UN High Commissioner for Refugee resettlement, Britain is teeming with vast numbers of “refugees” and their children who yearn for the immortality of “martyrdom” in the commission of mass murder in the name of their god.

The grief of the families and those who know them must be unimaginable. But they mustn’t blame the “community” where the plot was hatched and hidden, or the panty-waisted politicians who’ve overseen the influx of hateful third-world strangers into their city. It’s too late for the little eight year old girl, whose photo you’ve seen, and the fifteen year old and the twenty-odd others killed by flying nails and bolts. But it’s not too late for hundreds and thousands of others who surely will fall victim to the followers of the “extremist” Muslim death cult. Except once-great Britain is doubling down on its liberal socialist self-righteousness, patting itself on the back for its diversity even as they mourn the senseless deaths of those children and young people.

Since the Manchester attack, terrorists (masked gunmen) shot up a bus-load of Coptic Christians on their way to visit a monastery in Egypt, and other terrorist attacks have taken place in Indonesia and the Philippines, all attributable to the same ideology. The U. S. chief of Homeland Security says we’d never leave the house if we knew the full extent of the terror threat, even here in the United States. But expelling the would-be terrorists is not an option. Judges simply will not allow it nor will they stand by and allow potential terrorists to be denied entry to the United States. That would be racial or religious discrimination!

So, we’re supposed to be willing to sacrifice our baby girls to the evil religion of “tolerance” of those who espouse terrorist ideology in their mosques and at some moment in time might well snap and carry out the instructions of their prophet. The British are expected to attend scores of funerals and memorial gatherings and then return to shopping and the pursuit of entertainment, smug in their open-minded acceptance of the “new normal” of periodic suicide bombings, beheadings, stabbings and vehicular terrorism. In essence, the authorities are saying, “Get over it, we’re doing all we can…or all we’re going to do within the boundaries we’ve created for ourselves.”

Since the Manchester catastrophe, there’s already been another incident of vehicular slaughter on London Bridge, followed by a slash-fest upon people dining out on the town. It took days before the perpetrators, finally shot dead, were officially identified. They turned out to be exactly who we knew they would be. It’s absolutely pathetic that the authorities all over Europe, in Britain and largely in the United States as well, apparently value the “feelings and freedom” of the evil practitioners of militant Islam above their own flesh and blood. At least those who haven’t had to sacrifice a loved one to Mohammad’s creed.