The Worst “Deal” in Modern History
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The Worst “Deal” in Modern History

Since the announcement of the “Nuclear Deal” with Iran in September 2015 we had the comfort of knowing that ma- jorities in neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate would ratify such a murky ar- rangement, let alone agree to release over $100,000,000,000.00 that Iran would undoubtedly use to insulate their theocratic regime, fund terror operations around the world and further their rogue nuclear weapons program.

The “deal” apparently could have been easily stopped had it been accurately described as a treaty. But for logistical reasons the administration argued that it wasn’t a treaty at all but simply a “deal.” Somehow that meant that it would take a two thirds major- ity vote to stand in its way rather than a simple majority.

Every assurance that Congress would pull the plug on what is arguably the worst western capitulation since Neville Chamberlain returned to England from Munich having accepted the assurances of Adolf Hitler in 1938, proved utterly worthless. In Obama’s America, the seman- tic shell-game reminiscent of Bill Clinton arguing the meaning of “is,” actually carries weight in de- termining the rules under which the U. S. Senate operates.

No, the “deal” was done, Europe and the UN had agreed to go along with it and those who were elected vowing to represent the security interests of the American people and our natural allies were altogether powerless. Not only were they powerless to intervene, they were not (and still aren’t) even authorized to see the details of the arrangement which were agreed separately by the IAEA of the UN (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Iran (needless to say) has not ac- cepted Israel’s right to exist. ey have not altered their “Death to America, Death to Israel” pos- ture. ey have not agreed to halt their nuclear weapons program. They haven’t even admitted what has been independently verified by the IAEA, they have been working toward nuclear weapons for years and bluntly lying about their activities the whole time! But Obama thinks he’s building a legacy, and what a legacy it will be!

While the UN was instrumental in negotiating “the deal,” no one apparently even flinched when Iran violated UN resolutions against its testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile just days before the agreement was announced. What are Iran’s intentions? Do the Iranian mullahs intend to become model citizens on the world scene?

With Iran now fabulously wealthy, lining up additional tens of billions of dollars in trade with European nations and having successfully dodged any meaningful supervision of their nuclear activities and military capabilities, we’re expected to exhibit blind faith that Iran won’t use its newfound wealth to pursue its apocalyptic vision of the end of time.

Some have joked that the president has finally managed to bring the Arabs and Israelis together in a common interest. It means that Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and all the gulf kingdoms are united in their fear of a wealthy, unbridled nuclear Iran with expansionist intentions and an abiding hatred of Israel. But the current U. S. administration’s first priority is to bow the American knee to Islam, show deference and respect to the high holy men and their theocracy.

At this writing, the president has just visited a mosque in the United States for the very first time. Interesting that the mosque he chose is one in Baltimore with a history of support for radical jihadist causes and organizations. Speaking before a room of assembled Muslims, he scoffed at the fact that he refuses to equate terrorists or their attacks with the religion they invoke as inspiration. It was the typical scolding of Americans not in the room who can’t understand how the obvious root cause of Islamic terrorist attacks have to be treated as some unknowable mystery.

Then there was the scene of the president seated at a long dinner table at the mosque with his hosts. With Obama in the center of the table, it looked like some sort of Muslim last supper. Whether they ate with their bare hands, as the authentic culture would have it, was unclear. The women, fully wrapped and unrecognizable from behind, eventually turned to reveal their faces, spaced between smarmy males with crocheted skull caps on their heads. Someone commented they’d never seen the president look so genuinely happy. After all, he’d just taken his whole teleprompter setup to the pulpit of a formerly radical mosque to lecture, not his Muslim audience, but the American people that we have a “responsibility to call out those who insult” the Muslim faith.

Odd that we have a “Christian” president who’s all wound up about insults. Every westerner who has visited the Middle East learned about this proclivity of Muslim culture. Before the Iranian revolution, before Imams of every stripe began preaching the literal practice of mercilessly killing innocent people going about their innocent business, has become. But the whole “insult” factor has become a convenient excuse for Muslim defenders to justify homicidal insanity. Now, according to the Obama administration and the various U. S. agencies it has corrupted, we dare not “insult” their “faith” or we apparently deserve to suffer or die as a sacrifice to their jihad.

Who hasn’t heard of honor killings? It is common practice in the Muslim culture and there are plenty of examples in the west, though our media is hesitant to give those examples much attention. If a daughter (even as an adult) “dishonors” or insults her Muslim family’s honor by say, wearing her hair without a covering, driving a car, or going out unsupervised by a male family member, she’s in real danger of being killed by her own father or brother. Israeli jails house many Muslims who are incarcerated for murder, when they simply did what their culture demands. Their culture demands that they kill their own daughters or siblings for the sin of having insulted the Muslim family honor.

What has any of that got to do with any of us? We don’t share their culture, and murder is a crime according to God’s Laws, some of which have been blessedly carried forward and remain crimes in our culture. Simple murder is a crime in Muslim countries as well, unless it is within a family and done in the protection of “honor.” This actually happened in the vicinity of Dallas, TX in 2008, when Egyptian Yaser Abdel Said shot his two teenage daughters to death in the back seat of his taxicab. It took the FBI over a year to declare that the murders were indeed “honor killings,” a designation that was considered an insult to the Muslim community. He escaped justice and has never been caught.

It is no doubt an insult for us to even dispute the integrity of “honor killings.” But those types of murder are sanctioned in Muslim societies, although Muslim clerics reportedly do not publicly sanction the practice. But many certainly do call for death for infidels, and that means us. All of us. The very fact that we cannot be converted to their perverted “faith” is insult enough. Just as there is no remorse among those who carry out “honor killings,” there is no remorse for the killing of infidels. Shrines are often built to honor the memory and the deeds of terrorists in Muslim societies.

When Iran uses the wealth and power that our pro-Islamic president has purposefully granted the regime to attack, kill and destroy, whether in Israel, Europe or the U.S., there will be no remorse. There will only be thanks and praise to allah. Then we’ll be told, assuming there’s someone left to tell, it had nothing to do with Islam.